Episode Guide

Episode 1 – Drake Bell

As Teddy G and the Godfather goof off Jeremy gets a call that could save the shop. A Hollywood star, Drake Bell, rings in a custom order desk and wants it done in a week. Jeremy accepts, hangs up the phone, and then realizes what he’s in for. He gathers the troops and puts them all to work. The Godfather, with a lot of help, barely finishes the desk and presents it right before the end of the concert. Drake Bell is amazed.

Episode 2 – 21 Pilots

21 pilots gets ready for a big concert around Albany as the shop scrambles to finish a custom piece for the lead singer’s new house. Rachel has a big argument with the Godfather as Teddy G gets scolded by the boss for selling a table way too cheap. The Godfather is on his best behavior for about 5 minutes then goes back to his old ways.

Episode 3 – Ted Nudget

Teddy G decides he needs a tricked out hideaway gun case and enlists the boys at twigs and branches to build it. Teddy G comes into town early to hang with everyone and do some hunting which really slows down the work flow but the customer is always right…well the high paying customer is always right. The boys just can’t say no to some Adirondack backwoods adventures.

Episode 4 – Cole Swindell

Cole visits the shop unexpectedly and turns the work flow on its head. Now the shop is not only backed up but Rachel is off on another rant and decides to quit starting her own wood working business. The Godfather tries to step it up but it might be too little too late for this build.

Episode 5 – Lynard Skynard

The legendary rock band Lynard Skynard contacts the shop for some tricked out furniture while Jeremy had so much stress he switches jobs with Teddy G. Now Ted’s the boss and Jeremy’s off having fun. Can Ted handle the stress of being in charge?

Episode 6 – Ace Freely 

After 2 days of trying to command the troops Teddy G finally gives up as Jeremy mounts the boss seat again. Teddy G gets a call from Ace Freely and flips out while the Godfather gets drum lessons from Rich. The shop is back in full swing until someone sabotages a whole rick of wood that was needed for the next build. I hope Ace has some patience because the shop is in some trouble now.

Episode 7 – Bastille

After some hard investigation Jeremy finds out that a rival shop sabotaged the wood. He has a plan for revenge so he enlists Teddy G, Godfather, and the band Bastille to get back at the rival shop. Bastille receives their custom piece while everything gets back on schedule.

Episode 8 – Jay Leno

Ed invites his old buddy Jay Leno down to the shop to check out some new pieces and Jay decides to have a benefit comedy show for veterans. Ed makes a custom car to auction off while the Godfather works on a custom Leno piece.

Episode 9 – Collective Soul

Collective Soul calls and wants a custom piece before they have to play a gig in Albany. Godfather gets to play a couple songs with them at the concert, but decides he needs to practice instead of finishing his actual work. Teddy G gets a new girlfriend which makes his old girlfriend very upset. Jeremy can’t handle all the stress and takes a small vacation leaving Ted’s sister in charge.

Episode 10 – Uncle Cracker

Jeremy gets back from his vacation and sees the shop in ruins. After a good yelling match the shop is back on track. The Godfather connects up with Uncle Cracker and convinces him he needs an awesome rustic table for his new place but the shop is so backed up Uncle Cracker decides to visit Rachel’s shop instead.

Episode 11 – Beck

Jeremy hates losing work so he puts the shop in overtime to make up for lost revenue. Teddy G and Godfather get mad until Jeremy tells them their next job. They will be building for Beck. Teddy G and the Godfather are back with a passion. The Godfather does his thing while Teddy G readies the town for Beck’s arrival. The piece is barely finished on time.

Episode 12 – James Franko

The A-listers are starting to get word of the shop and James Franko makes an order… make that a huge order. So big Jeremy decides it’s time to move on up. He buys a big shop and moves the entire operation to a new state of the art place. He has special surprises for Ted and the Godfather. He also hires on a couple more hands to get the work going smoothly. Will the new blood mesh well with the Godfather???  No they won’t.